A better tomorrow

I don’t know if their will be a tomorrow, I know their is the moment, that’s what count, the now but not the tomorrow. I want to live in the moment, but the mind is tricky, I think on the day that hasn’t been and on the what if.

While today is a good day I think on what tomorrow bring joy, those are happy people who aren’t looking find joy in little things, for them a tomorrow is worth thinking about. Those who Pray for better days are asking for little, a better- tomorrow is just a day why not ask for a change in your life a better lasting change.

While your day may not be the best, others may have never have a good day in weeks, so you may wish and wish, in those wishes include others into it.


Rethink…. Changing Blog name

What do you suggest, I thinking of changing my blog name… Any name suggestions?. Reverie as name is widely known, so name change in on the way.

While doing so, I wanted a unique name, that also had a meaning or a story to talk about, not some random name, I start checking out these app that are very useful, they generate names for blogs, business anything you want, it’s also name combination. We know it’s hard to comes up with a unique and catchy name when you starting your business, that’s why these name generator is here to help.

1.Wordoid in this app you can use a combination of more than two languages, more than 13 letters to create an awesome name for your site, it also have quality level and keywords. A suggestion is better to use short wordoid is better that lengthy wordoid, special when it’s a combination of two or more languages.

2. NameStation offer you name generator and random keywords giving you option and suggestions regarding keywords and names for your blog.

3.Panabee this name generator is a simple research name generator for your blog or site. Just like others name generator it’s gives option such as fields suggestions, length.

4. Lean Domain Search it’s a blog name finder. If your blog is about adventure, use the word travel in the search area and it’s generated several names suggestions in seconds.

5. NameMesh this is all about idea, to find good name for your blog in this name generator, you give ideas in various categories. Your keywords can be “lover” and depends on your category names will be generated. By generating a name you could chose one and have the option to register it with GoDaddy and other site. Cool right.

There are many name generator app, that are useful in its own way, these others are important such as Domain wheel, Domain.com, Nameboy, Domains bot, Domain Fellow. A good name is essential for your blog branding and marketing if you want it to be unique in its own way, when you use search engine and type your blog name and only yours appears it’s mark as unique in its own right, remember your blog name is your mark, people will know you from that, another way for you to use your own name for your blog, celebrities has been using their name and making it into their brand or your name initial can be useful.

Last but not least 123finder if you have a name in mind and you want to know if their is an owner go to 123finder their you also you could find name on sale. I hope that this post have been helpful.

Leaving the past

The past is the past its also a reminder of who we were and what we become. The future and everything that awaits us is an uncertain road that we have to cross, it can also be the present moment where one step further can be a world of uncertainty.

Many may want to start over, leaving everything behind, the hurt, the anger and start anew as a new person, leaving the old and welcoming a new start. Leaving the past does not mean forgetting it, it will always be part of us, a reminder of who we were, it’s a history.

If I leave the past, I leave everything that includes in it family members, friends, busybodies, acquaintance, just me going ahead, leaving failure and hurt.

Wasted emotions

I cry for what, I really don’t know why that’s just me been sensible. I don’t make anyone See’s me cry it’s embarrassing, why I cry?, If it’s worthless.

Am angry, but I can’t show it, I hide it from myself and from others, if I show it many don’t See’s the why of it, and still feel angry when they should know the why of it.

Lost is not just the person, also a Thing, a treasure that we hold close or want to. The sorrow of not having it or never to gain the achievement make the sorrow grow for what it’s would have been, but never will. Sorrow is dark path, that many walks but few find the way out. Be sorrowful if the time merits it, don’t dwell on it.

No one wants pity, so why waste it. Don’t feel pity for others,its unwelcome emotion.

When emotions are wasted, they don’t solve anything, pick up and do something, don’t make those emotions strangled you, get up and welcome a new tomorrow, with positive attitude.

Ask point blank (Sin Tapujo)

Not many like inquisitive people, those who ask without preambles are label busybodies, what better way to know what you want if not asking?. Beating around the bushes is for those who are afraid of the answer or the reaction of the person, it’s better to just ask for what you want or what you want to know.

Saying it sin Tapujo is seen as been indiscreet, saying it as one sees it is not always welcome, and going round the bushes is not been straightforward. In the end asking point blank is been sincere with oneself and is the person given the answer is who will decide if the answer is a true or just vague.

Nevertheless people who ask point blank are considered annoying and tiresome, maybe because they say it as they see it, rather than saying something don’t say anything because asking Can hurt, words does that knowingly or unknowingly, that’s it’s power. Don’t ask point blank if you want to denigrate another one just for ones own selfishness, it’s downright cruel and calculated.

If your are thinking how to ask a question to a respected person, and it’s taking you long, better yet don’t ask and be satisfied that you didn’t angry anyone, in the long-term you question yourself if asking as it is is a cover up, hiding behind the truth of others according to you. If you are the type to use sincerity to be courageous,thats not courage. Ask point blank when needed is when you are confronting another person, searching for a sincere answer. Say it sin Tapujo when you are making a statement, say it when you mean it, don’t use it as a cover up, if you want to do that better yet keep silence, a silence message mean more than words.

More than Words

Their are those who lives on words, just uttering a few sweet words they believe in everything, forgetting the lies and their current positions, they live on promises and perhaps that also includes a remote fantasy, that only they believe. In a relationship one just don’t live on words and dreams, in the start of a relationship the words of a gran dream sound wonderful, when years goes by, you know words,was just that, WORDS.

Not only in a relationship exist what I call ” forgotten promises”, the difference in the relationship your partner and you shared something in common, even so you share promises. Trying to put words to action when you don’t have the means is difficult, running your mouth just to impressed others is what humans do, so if you are promises someone that you will give them something do it. Relying on words that was said in the heat of the moment is a mistake, I got to say people do have hope and that’s should be the problem, but it’s not is the one who gave hope to the other, when they know well that it’s was just words.

Living by words would have been great if reality don’t interfere. I believe that many have know a person who constantly uttering nonsensical promises of this and that, that in the long run never come to fruition and frustrated the hell out of you. So those who knows these busybodies is useless to lecture them (my experience) they won’t talk back to you and they will keep on with others. For those who are in a serious relationship don’t hide the truth about things and don’t (everything is okay) don’t close the chapter saying mean-less words, worse don’t star with it many can’t reach the standard of the words ones use.

All of us wants more than words, when we don’t find it, we consolidated with what’s their. I know many who will say I will send you this and that in the end not even the dust. The wind take the words but the gesture that comes with words is more valuable that jus saying it. All of us want more than words, words is just a consolation for the real price, that makes the joy on the face of the receiver worth the effort, make your action, gesture and your future endeavors be more than words, make it be a promise of a tomorrow.

Be Happy, be yourself. Find what will make you happy, hopefully is not on tinder.

Priorities in Life

In our lives we makes priorities, what’s comes first what’s comes second, with time our priority changed its can be cause by maturity, life unexpected events or You just change.

One thing is for sure, with time you change, you lost friends along the way that you share your priorities, new friendships are made and values that once was nonsense are the one you cherished and follow. We are human we evolve for better or worse, that’s part of life. For once if your number 1🌈 priority when you was sixteen was to get rich because you live in poverty your whole life, well let me say that you should have a well designed plan for that, it’s not an impossible task it’s will take hard work, effort and sacrifice if you wish to do it the honest way, if not well all the same good Luck🍀🍀. Another of your priority at the age of twenties involves just to be a mom, a stay at home mom, people will critic a woman for that choice, a stay at home mom is a hard work, that’s a three to four job in one place a hard work, many people will down rate that choice because it’s puts women as just Baby Makers and house keeper, not someone who is an entrepreneur, mom, friend, wife and so on, but just a mom. You got to make sure that the priorities you make are something you are willing to do or its fulfill your life needs, it’s got to be something that’s important for you and for it you take a leap forward, putting it as a priority. Those priority are random, they are not really mines, just few examples to pinpoint few.

At a young age you at to prioritize things, this will keep you organize, making the most important part things comes first, life priorities may affect your life, if you make a drastic changes like a hundred degree change, so keeping a balance helps a lot to achieve a good result, even so changes can be made or some priority may not be at import as before.