No shame in asking

Their is time when we should keep closed mouth other time speaking up is necessary, not many want to hear the thoughts of others much less their necessities and trials, while you may think the person is burning steam by speaking maybe he/she is asking for help without uttering the word “Can you help me”.

Speaking up in time of need should be easy, right?, No is not, in those time you feel vulnerable, hopeless and a failure, it’s normal to feel so nobody should judge not all time you will be on the top many get down on their knees and in those times is when you will know your true friends and family. If they know you good they will take the hint and the unsaid words.

Is understandable the shame that one pass true by asking or for them (begging) for help or assistant from others don’t matter the circumstance. If you don’t ask for help you will make do, the uncomfortable feeling that one have just asking for help is because is the answer one is afraid of, and most of all the circumstance that bring you to asking for help.

Money problem is most uncomfortable for a person to ask for a help from another, it’s set the one asking on the spot, one ask because the need is powerful and swallowing one pride hurts like hell, and shame overkill inside you. Their is no time for pride, only the need and the necessity. So when someone ask for help, help them without condition I know is hard to give something without condition but try it, they are many people in need and the help offer comes with strings attached, those attachment it’s a choker around the seeker and the help isn’t help no more for he/she but a loan with a long time reminder with the whole neighborhood knowing your situation and the why of your solution.

So yes their is no shame in asking , make sure the person you ask is willing by good heart to do and not for you to acknowledge for the entire of your life of the good deed.

When will it be my time to live…

Their is a time for everything, many don’t see it that way, their time start whenever they wish it to be and no thought for others.

You may have heard that “Not all was born to be parents” so true. Some kids grow up with the world on their shoulders, not by choice, but circumstanced, those kids grow up working and taking caring for others without considering their own needs and wants, those are caregiver.

Am the type of person, that consider children should be children, at certain age you give them small chores showing them responsibility. Their are kids at the age of ten years that are the adult in their house, taking care of their little brothers or sisters even their supposed to be parents. Those kids adults barely show emotions wishing that their would be a way out, a change for the better, those kids from a young age learn that basics of necessity is essential, toys, clothes and candy are frivolity. It’s cruel to see kids like those who grow up without seen the joy of an afternoon group play, their mind isn’t on playing but what to do not to be an disturbing kids but a helpful one. Growing up is not the issue, life goes by phase, kids need to be kids, teen-ager need to be teen-ager and adults be adults, each of these phase is a momentum that we live.

Kids and teenage who have a world of responsibilities never find their way out for when it will be their time to live,They selfless think about their selves without thinking about others. Kids who work in their home in part is okay not fully understandable it’s depends on the circumstances, but kids who work to carry food home because mom or dad can’t or don’t look for their children those kids shoulder Adulthood at a young age, this is unacceptable.

Their time to live starts from childhood, the phase of life should not be jump because of unjustified circumstance, live should be live in the fullest potential and childhood education and experience is the most precious memories one have.

Living on Hope

We all live by something, that’s a mantra each person shoulder, We are move by faith, freedom, hope, dreams, by our own reverie of what should be and pray it would be.

Even in the darkest of time, you still believe that tomorrow may be a good day, that’s hope, people may say they don’t believe, in the end we believe in something. We feel uncertain about what life have for us, moving forward is our only option with the illusion of a bright future. People who live with hope, are easily taken advantage of they are believers, you feed them a little lie and they believe, they may think you are a fool that’s far from it. Having hope is believing that they are good in people, in the words that comes out of their mouths and that in the end everyone have hope in their selves and in others, even doe they break your trust more than once.

Most people takes advantage of those who have hope, their is one thing they don’t understand, that Hoping is better than living on unknown occurrence, waiting in despair and hopelessness while one have hope you are waiting for a favorable outcome.

Having hope is having faith that everything will be as it should be, and that he does knows best. One thing you should do is feed people false hope, you may destroy the believe people have in humanity and their kindness, do things without waiting for a return favor, give by choice of your heart desire and not by a means to an end, thats kindness and at the same time you are giving hope to others with a bright possibility for tomorrow. Living on hope is a Sweetness or innocence that a person have withing once destroy may never be recover by sher will few never outgrown it, it’s become part of them dont matter how many times they have been deceived.

In the end every single person live in hope, its like a wish waiting to come true. Never stop hoping in the end that’s all we have, Hope.

Know your Worth

If your are a believer of ” Good bring good thing” make sure to believe in yourself, for starter only those who believe that they can achieve their Wilde’s dreams know that on the way their will be obstacle, they don’t make their dreams get clouded with fictitious illusions, they keep it real with a positive attitude and hope.

We all know that You can’t stop people from talking when you turn your back, so let them, it hurts yes, life goes on. When you know yourself you wont let no one, but no one brings you down, you may be the type that fight back or don’t pay attention to them, whatever the case be happy. Be assured that don’t matter who you are you don’t deserve to live in violence, physically or verbal; you are more than am Sorry, if that words is use more than once a month redefined your life, put You as number one priority. As a person ask for respect and inclusion don’t make no one make decisions for you, yes, I know sometimes you feel to let go the reign and give to someone else, make sure the person know the you within and the outside You.

People tend to believe others, rather than believing in their selves, continually demonstrating that they do not know their worth, only what other says what they are, am not saying you can’t be vulnerable, yes you can, everyone can, make sure you know this, you are more than just a friend, a companion, you are a human being, that knows whats pain is, you are someone who has endure verbal abused who thinks that’s okay, that’s a way of love. You are a capably and intelligent person in your own way and someone who is discovering their selves everyday. Knowing that you can achieve a mile stone, your self-esteem issues diminish a little and a more self-assured Person blossoms with a better understanding of their selves, without abuse of any kind a free person, a vocal outspoken person who don’t shy away who is facing the world.

Keeping things positive in the darkest of times, say’s a lot about the person, their perseverance and determination show the value of their dedication and self value, if you as a person don’t value your selves, who will?, Take that in mind. Don’t believe what other may say about yourself , it can be true or lie,the thing is believe that you can achieve your best and be the best you you can be. Make your weaknesses into strength and combine together discover the you that fearfully wants to emerge.

I can give you steps for you to know your worth, it’s you who needs to discover the real You.

A Little Inspiration II: Baby Flowers names and meaning

You may or may not like strong names that are little hard to pronounce, names a important and in some countries it symbolizes the person character. Here I listed a few flowers, orchid, even trees names that are use for names for a person. The names some are popular and some may not be, their meaning, rarity can be a attribute for the new member of the family.


1. Cattleya or Cataleya: It’s an Orchid in Colombia, this name comes to because of its uniqueness and the beauty of the flowers, it’s easy to pronounce and the meaning is the name of the plant ” Cattley’s Flowers” if am not wrong Cattley’s discover the orchid.

2. Araluen: It’s an Aboriginal Australian place ” water of Lilies” or “Place of the water of Lilies”.

3. Bellerose: This is a French and English name and the meaning “Beautiful Rose”

4. Neeja: Originate from Hindi meaning “Lily”.

5. Raizel: The most popular name in Israel, it maybe consider Unisex name, the meaning of this name is ” Rose” it’s originate from Yiddish.

6. Rayen: It’s a Chilean name from the Mapuch meaning ” Flower”.

7. Winika: It’s originate from Maori meaning ” Christmas Orchid”.

8. Kalina: This is a Polish name meaning ” flower”.

9. Alyssum: This symbolizes ” Worth beyond beauty”, it a great meaning for your baby, another name to Alyssum maybe Alyssa, Allyssa, Alissa.

10. Zariah or Zariyah: These two names have different meaning but also related to other names. Zariah origin and meaning can be related from Arabic name Zara witch means “Flower”, Azaria it’s a Hebrew name meaning ” God has helped”, theor is also a Russian version Zaria that’s means ” Sunrise/ dawn.

11. Iris: This is a beautiful flower that is a symbol of “Faith and wisdom”.

12. Camillia or Camellia: This flower is associated with the moon, water, wealth and perfection. This name means “admiration, perfection and gratitude”.

13. Amaryllis: In Greek it means ” to Sparkle” and related to Lily, it also may mean “Pride”.


You may say it’s strange to give a boy name that’s is related to flowers or the meaning is a flowers, but no their are many boys name that are flowers names, here are some.

1. Rowan: This is a tree a hardy plant with white flowers with Reddish- orange berries.

2. Alder: The only thing I can say about this that it’s a tree.

3. Fiorello: It’s an Italian name meaning ” Little Flower”.

4. Jared: This name in Hebrew means ” Rose”.

5. William: It’s a flower . Sweet William grow in a cluster, meaning ” Gallantry, Grant me one smile”.

6. Yarrow: It’s a name of a strong fragrant herb that blooms into a bright yellow flowers, it’s a unisex name, it’s sounds better on a boy, your preference. This names means ” Healing, Health”.

7. Saffron: It’s a purple color Flower, it’s to my account a unisex name ” gender neutral name”, you could decide.

8. Sage: It’s a delicious and aromatic herb, this boy name also means ” wise”.

I hope these are very useful for you, some names are not flowers but herbs and others and I use them because of their meaning “flowers” or related. Names like

Aster ” Love, Delicacy”

Daisy ” Beauty, Innocence, Loyal love, Purity.

Azalea “Femininity, softness and Passion”

Myrtle ” Love, Peace, Fertility and Youth,

Petunia ” Trumpet shape flowers”

Poppy “Beauty, Fertility, Eternal life” in Latin “Red Flower”

Iona “Purple Jewel” in Hebrew ” Dove”

Willow ” Strength, Stability”

Zinnia “Affection, Remembrance”

Leilani “Heavenly Flowers”

Fern ” Fascination”

Holly “Goodwill and tradition”

Lily ” Purity and Refined beauty”

Ivy ” Friendship, Fidelity, Affection

Dahlia “Elegance and Dignity”

Gardenia “Secret love, you are lovely

Violet “Modesty”

Laurel ” Glory”

Kennedia “Intellectual Beauty”

Rose “Passion, Love, Grace, Purity, Jealousy, Sweetness, Happiness”.

Their are so many more names that have sweet to strong meaning, if you want to combine names that also work. Alyssum Camillia, remember both names have strong meaning one is “worth beyond beauty” the other “admiration, perfectionist”, this is a good combination for a girl and both are flowers names. For a boy I may consider Rowan sage ,for its meaning ” a hardy wise person”. It was very difficult to find flower name that can be use as boy names, that’s why only few names appear, the first are not flowers but the meaning are.

Some of the flowers symbolizes many things and depends on the country the meaning may vary. Like the Roses they are many types Pink Roses, Red Roses, Dark Roses each of those have their own meaning, that also goes for the Lily, Zinnia, Ivy, all of these have variations in types.

Okay, so which name did you like and select a first and second name you may like. And I may have forgotten a mention a name, if it’s so please leave the name in a comment, also combine names and tell me why did you choose these… Want to know what you think….

Am OK how am I

We live a life of challenges, where acceptance is a door of opportunities and the image you portrait held also a new world that can bring changes. Images is essential in the life we live in, make up and everything that consists of vanity help us uphold beauty standard, in the end, do you keep up with vanity for you or for others?.

Okay, so we constantly see what images can do for yourself, portraying it is an work of art, this may consist of various methods. It’s easy to rely on clothes, your mannerism, charismatic personality and self-esteem to portrait a self-confidence, a person can have all that just by loving their self, doesn’t matter how much makeup you put, the best dress that suits you if you are not okay with yourself all those things are in vain, you need to portrait what’s inside to outside and clothes help makeup also, be assured that all that is you and not the you you want to portrait.

Been okay with who you are is been self-confident, things come and goes it’s you that remains, the you that love changes, the you that don’t care to use makeup, the you who share with trying to gain, the you that love her body, the you that have few visible scars, if you are okay with that person then what else matter, love yourself don’t make anyone bring you down, they will be up and you will crumble.

A little Inspiration: Unique unusual baby names for your child

You need a little inspiration regarding names for your future baby, and you don’t want your baby to have names that you consider “common” rather you want a strange uncommon name with a strong meaning and easy to pronounce. Here are some boys and girls names with its meaning.


1. Kerenza: Cornish origin, that means “Love”, it’s a Cornish version of Katherine. You can write it in a unique way as Karanza, Karensa you write how you can, according the “z” is not the correct way to write it, with the “s” the meaning is “loving”.

2. Zahara: It’s a Arabic name that means Shining, flower and in Hebrew Shining, bright. It’s also can be mistaken for the sahara dessert.

3. Khair: Origin Muslim name, meaning Good, goodness welfare, to be possessed of good. Supermodel Bella Hadid second name is Isabella Khair.

4. Janessa: it’s a Norwegian and Scottish name,Meaning “God is Gracious”, it also mean “High standing lady”. If Change the “J” for the “V” you will have Vanessa.

5. Jessamyn: It’s means “Jasmine Flower”. It’s from French and Persian origin Jessemin. You could a different version of writing. If you love Jasmine flower so much this and you want your daughter to have the name that mean the same here are other versions, Yasmin, Yasamin, both also mean.

6. Rhiannon: It’s a Welsh Celtic girl name that means ” Divine Queen”.

7. Rosenwyn: If you love roses so much and you wish you daughter have a name this name is perfect as a first or second name it’s Cornish name meaning “Fair Rose”, or maybe Rosemary, Roses Ellyn.

8. Jamilah: Somalia girl name that means ” Beautiful”.

9. Leilani: It’s an Hawaiian Origin name meaning “Heavenly Flowers”.

10. Skylee: meaning “Sky” variation Sky, Skye, Skylar, Skyler. Skye is the name of Scottish island the isle of Skye.


1. Zevi: Hebrew variation Zvi meaning “deer”.

2. Abdiel, Abdel: Hebrew name, meaning ” Servant of God”.

3. Adriel: Also sound as Adrien it’s Hebrew name meaning ” God helper”.

4. Axlam: It can be consider an unisex name it’s Somalia origin meaning ” Witty Imaginative”.

5. Raziel: Is a Hebrew name meaning ” God Secret”.

6. Zayden: Gaelic origin meaning “Little fire”. It’s can also a variation of Jayden, Hayden, Kayden, you chose which one you prefer.

7. Aleron: Latin origin meaning “eagle”. Aileron can also another variation.

8. Sorrel: A French name that means “Reddish brown hair” and it’s also a flowering for tea.

9. Xerxes: A Persian name form the old emperor, the name means ” Kings of Heroes”.

10. Javed: Persian name, meaning ” Forever”.

I know most of these name are strong names and not the sweet cute names for babies, you could shorten the name like Rhiannon you could call her Rhia, use your imagination. Most of these names you could use as second names make me give an example << Lily Jessamyn, for a girl a cute name both flowers and it’s rhyme, if I say so myself.> For a boy Matthew Raziel. I hope this may give you ideas for your future baby name. Any questions leave comments.