My kind of love

Love is a strong word that is flaunt easily, without care of what the other may think once you say the L word. That word is use frequently that now a days it's means Nothing, just a word of comfort and to convince to achieve a purpose. Love is unceremoniously complicated for both side, once [...]


Need to be Needed

I need you to call me in times of need, remembering me as the only person that can solve your problems, helping is a fulfilment of happiness. Dont forget me when your issues are solve, even so call me and I shall be their. Tell me your desires and greats dreams, and I shall try [...]

Be Brave Enough to Choose Yourself

You may choose others because of their respective influences, achievements and intellectual capacity, yes, but do you see in them You? the you you want to be? While you choose them, who will choose you? A person's happiness or unhappiness affects those around them deeply, therefore being happy with oneself first will cause a chain [...]